Travel & Tips

Basic do’s and don’ts .

  • Before entering a Nepalese home, temple (leather items in Hindu Temples), and monastery remember to remove your shoes.
  • Avoid eating with your left hand and beef is strictly prohibited among Hindus. Do not offer food from your plate, nor eat from a common pot, and avoid touching your lips to a shared drinking vessel.
  • Never touch anything with your feet. and try not to step over or point your feet at another person, a sacred place or a hearth. This is considered and offence among Nepalese.
  • While traveling, dress appropriately. Women should especially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits.
  • Seek permission first before entering a Hindu temple. Many Hindu temples do not allow westerners to enter.
  • Leather articles are prohibited in most religious places.
  • Among Hindus, avoid touching women and holy men instead the traditional palms-together “Namaste” greeting is preferable
  • Walking around temples or Stupas is traditionally done clockwise.
  • Take photographs only after receiving permission for the object or person being photographed.
  • Remember,when a person shakes his head from left to right many times, he may mean “NO”
  • Develop a genuine interest to meet and talk to Nepalese people and respect their local customs.
  • Use your both hands to show appreciation and respect rather than one while giving or accepting something from others.
  • Kissing and hugging in public especially between men and women is social offence in Nepal.

Seasons and Weather.

Nepal is, undoubtedly, a naturally blessed country that enjoys pleasant weather round the year. Its geographical diversity has divided the Seasons in Nepal into five weather zones — tropical, tropical zone, temperate zone, cold zone, sub artic zone and the artic zone.

  • Spring season: March- May
  • Winter season: December – February
  • Summer season: June- August
  • Autumn season: September- November
  • Monsoon season: June- September