Urban Sightseeings

Thamel: Thamel, is a haven as well as heaven for tourists visiting the Kathmandu city. It contains numerous hotels, restaurants and shops that cater specifically to western tourists. Thamel is an easy walk from anywhere in the central Kathmandu, though the roads can be quite busy. It is about a 20 minutes taxi drive from TIA. It is known for having better hygiene than other parts of the country. At Thamel , you can enjoy your quality time by shopping ,eating as well as entertaining with live – jazz music and many mores. Thamel is such place where you could enjoy your night life without barriers. It is also known by its narrow alleys crowed with various shops and vendors.

Garden of Dreams: Garden of Dreams, which is also the Garden of six seasons, a neo- classical garden in Kaiser Mahal Kathmandu, was built in 1920 designed by Kishore Narsingh. It consists 6895 sq. metres of gardens with three pavilions , an amphitheater, ponds , pergolas and urns. Renovation was under taken between 2000 and 2007 with the support of Austrain government in collaboration with the Nepal Ministry of Education. It is located in Kaiser Mahal which is across the street from the former Royal Palace at the entrance to the Thamel tourist area. After the death of Kaiser shumsher, garden was handed over to the government of Nepal.

Basantapur Durbar Square: Basantpur Durbar Square, is the heart of capital city, kahmandu, which carries a lot of the cultural and historical significance for the people of Nepal. It is known for its rich culture and arts, which is also the hub for tourists and visitors. It is also enlisted as a UNESCO cultural heritage site. This square is succeed to attracted a lot of the tourists from across the globe. This is the best place to explore in the leisure, and you could enjoy the different tastes of foods especially the newari cuisine. There you could shop for pashminas, thangka paintings, accessories as well as handicrafts which reflect the cultural diversity of Nepal.

Narayanhiti Palace: Narayanhiti Palace or Narayanhiti Durbar, is a place in Kathmandu city, it was the centre of royal hospitality, which also long served as residence and principal workplace of the reigning Monarch of the Kingdoof Nepal. Palace is located towards east of the Kaiser Mahal next to Thamel. The current Narayanhiti palace was built by king Mahendra in 1963. After 2006 , revolution toppled the monarchy, where newly elected assembly declared Nepal as a republic country , dethrone the king Gyanendra . Now , the royal palace is turned into a public museum where the visitors could get to know about the royal history of Nepal since the unification of  modern Nepal .







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